Would you like a unique #tarot deck that nobody else can ever own?

We are auctioning one of the initial test prints of our new tarot deck made in collaboration with @IamHappyToast - and half the money will go to #shelter !

It’s the last one of four that were printed that is still in it’s wrapper, there can’t be another like this.

And my copy is well tatty having been carried around in my coat pocket for months.

This one is pristine

I mean it when I say there can’t be another like it: I couldn’t re-generate the words that way if I tried.

The data is long gone.

It’d take a herculean effort to even figure out which ones have actually different words, let alone match the arrangements of words in the final version.

Bidding starts at just five pounds!

That’s cheaper than the one with the proper brightness-adjusted final box.

And guess what: If you bid up the price then the charity gets more from whoever outbids you! Can you take that risk? Do you like thrills?

Visit The Auction Here: