The limited edition first print alien decks are still available, and the general-release of the HappyToast deck is coming soon, early in 2023.

Buy Limitied Edition First Print Alien Decks

You will receive a limited edition, numbered, first print of the new Word Cloud Tarot decks.

Designed with beginners in mind, the card-reader need not look up the meanings of the cards in books as they learn. Instead the things that the card represents are written directly onto the card in English.

The Neural Network AI system "word2vec" was used to locate the meanings of each card in a multidimensional word-phase space, enabling the editor to distil the meanings of each card down into a few dozen words.

In front of each of the generated world-clouds is posed a beautiful alien enacting the traditional meaning of each of the 72 cards.

The decks all come with the full major arcana and four minor arcana suits. All the traditional cards are there.

The pack also contains four bonus cards depicting some example spread-patterns, and each of these first-print 100 limited-edition decks contains a unique numbered card to verify it's authenticity.

There were 22 tin-box edition decks printed and 88 cardboard-box editions, but many are already sold.

Beautifully printed in gloss black and color, you can pick between:


Print On Demand

The print-on-demand reprint can be shipped world-wide. It does not have a unique numbered print.