The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has announced a new tiered lockdown system, but how will this affect the UK and what will the outcome be?

Adam does a tarot reading to try and find out, in which he discovers that with reduced strength our society has come to rely on prior abundance. We expect government to act, to move, but they are constrained by the internal tensions of governance.

We hope for gain, but have received only magical thinking.

The main obstacle seems to be our own leadership, but if we can overcome that we can achieve a simpler smarter way of life.

8 - Trump - Strentgh 3 - Cups - Abundance 9 - Pentacles - Gain 1 - Trump - Magician 11 - Cups - Page 7 - Wands - Valour 6 - Wands - Victory 13 - Swords - Queen