It’s the start of December and with the turning of the month comes the tricky annual question: What the hell should I buy everyone for Christmas?

And so we turn to the tarot.

It suggests firey people may like watches or clocks or epoch-defining items like Bitcoin or Virtual Reality.

It suggests Airy people may like holidays, or travel-cards, or bicycles, or a bike or e-kart.

We find that Earthy grounded people may prefer straight up cash, or excercise equipment, a gym membership, or natural hand-made products.

We find that Watery people may like joke-books or novelty gifts, or they may want a telescope to help with their observations.

Spiritual people may like books, or a class at a college, or some holy relics like worry beads or a religious hats.

And of course everyone, whatever their elemental sign, may well like a pack of the easiest tarot cards to read in the whole world: The Wordcloud Tarot Deck.

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Yes. I did forget to mention that in the actual video. Doh.

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