With the Boris Grinch cancelling all travel and issuing stay at home orders over much of the population, is it still possible to have a merry Christmas?

We ask the cards and find that Christmas has been a very long-running festival of renewal and rebirth and fulfillment (20 Trumps, Aeon), but that this year the hidden influence of well-spoken resourceful and eloquent nuanced scientists (11 Cups Page) along with the influence of faith, reason, economics and compassion (2 Trumps, Priestess) have lead to an act of cruelty leaving many Christmases hopeless and anxious, worried and afraid (9 Swords, Cruelty).

But do not despair! New technological ideas and advances in Christmas innovation (Ace Swords) mean that it should be possible to have a Merry Christmas, even if you’re home alone like I will be.

Hope you all have a very merry xmas, and we’ll be back with a new year show on the 4th.

20 - Trump - Aeon 11 - Cups - Page 2 - Trump - Priestess 9 - Swords - Cruelty 1 - Swords - Ace