Today we can announce that International Sales of the World Cloud Tarot Deck are available. The limited edition numbered run are still available in the UK, but now final edition prints can be ordered from anywhere in the world!

To celebrate, Adam did a reading on International Relations.

The history of the countries of the world was driven by independence and individuality (the fool). The naive and foolish countries would need marriage and children to bind their countries together.

But good international relationships bring hidden rewards: (3 Cups) Abundance, bountiful inventiveness from cross-pollination, the wealth of opportunity abroad.

So courageous leaders (Knight Wands) brought courage and aspiration, applied risk-taking and game-theory to develop new ways for countries to relate.

Leading us now into the world-order driven by money (ace pentacles) which moderates the independence of nations and encourages cooperation, and investment.

It looks like these trends will continue into the future if we can find informed educated leaders (King Cups) who can communicate and teach, boosting knowledge of each country’s culture and bringing gentleness and generosity to international relations.

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0 - Trump - The-Fool 3 - Cups - Abundance 12 - Wands - Knight 1 - Pentacles - Ace 14 - Cups - King