Today Boris Johnson gave parliament his plan for ending lockdown in the UK. He suggests a four stage plan in which each stage’s effect are assessed before the next stage can begin. So we do a tarot reading to examine that.

The cards suggest that this lock-down has been unwavering. The mandate has been simplicity itself: Stay at home.

Schools going back marks stage one and the cards suggest it represents a new age, and change from that unwavering stay at home order. There will be an awaking, a rebirth. Sounds good.

But stage two seems more of a gamble. It may cause death and gloom. The cards seem to suggest we won’t really be ready and will roll the dice anyway.

Step three may be a big change, making a big difference. It will really feel as though life is returning, but there may be imbalance and it may not be quite the life from before.

The final stage will be exasperating and frustrating. Perhaps it will be much delayed. There will be failure and disbelief, it will be a very worrying time awaiting the final end.

And when we do finally end, the cards suggest we may still be left with too much state power, a surveillance state with a population still under lots of control.

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14 - Swords - King 20 - Trump - Aeon 10 - Trump - Fortune 2 - Pentacles - Change 5 - Pentacles - Worry 4 - Pentacles - Power