Yesterday a #protest against a extended police powers in #Bristol kicked off and saw fighting between police and protestors.

What happened? We ask the #tarot

We get a reading very focused on human will.

It starts with The Magician, a card very much about a person coming to understand their own desires and will and so here taking of the public’s own mood and temperament.

The hidden influence card backs this up with the Ace of Wands, another card focused on the birth of will and desire.

Of course the public will is usually moderated by the Justice system, and we see that represented here.

The moment last night saw the public will burst away from control of the justice system at the thought it could become too powerful.

The “outcome” card demands that we find a wise ruler, communicative and nuanced. Knowledgeable and informed. This doesn’t sound like Boris, so perhaps we will see him replaced, to ensure that justice doesn’t grow to override the will of the people of Britain.

1 - Trump - Magician 1 - Wands - Ace 11 - Trump - Justice 9 - Wands - Manifest 14 - Cups - King