This week the #Football Industry has announced plans to form a #Superleague! Is this good news? Bad news? Will it work?

Adam knows nothing about football so he turns to the #Tarot cards for any indication.

We find that the industry used to be strong and successful, but has fallen upon financial difficulty and faced a period of contemplation. The result will be the superleague: A lot of hard work to try and save the industry. There will be critics who will worry about separation and socioeconomic problems. These fools will be an obstacle, limiting possibilities with calls for purity. And they may even be successful, and cause the collapse of the industry with many redundancies, foreclosures, evictions and tragedy and debt.

8 - Trump - Strentgh 7 - Pentacles - Failure 9 - Trump - Hermit 3 - Pentacles - Work 5 - Pentacles - Worry 0 - Trump - The-Fool 16 - Trump - Tower