This weekend the whole UK has been talking about the election results but we are the ONLY show asking the Tarot about it.

We find that Brexit and the Coronavirus has left the country in ruin, but our democracy is supposed to save us and give us an innovative system for choosing leaders who are magnificent, selfless, thoughtful and inspirational.

Instead however the future looks disappointing, the election is debauched by paranoia and misunderstanding and delusion. The influence of wealth, the economy, and riches combine with the obstacle than the electorate are all fools and idiots to lead us towards a future in which we are sure to see institutional collapse, redundancy, catastrophe and possibly the end of the United Kingdom all together.

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10 - Swords - Ruin 12 - Cups - Knight 5 - Cups - Disappoint 7 - Cups - Debauch 6 - Pentacles - Success 0 - Trump - The-Fool 16 - Trump - Tower