Elon Musk has been at war with bitcoin this week so Adam does a five minute tarot reading to examine what on earth Elon is thinking.

We find that while Elon generally likes to be focused on swiftly accelerating progress, he has shareholders, a board, directors. They can force him to relinquish control and to capitulate and disown Bitcoin.

He also has debt and creditors and is tied to the existing fiat money system, they too can use threats like bankruptcy and redundancy to force Elon to their will.

These combined influences interfere with Elon’s usual direct swiftness, causing him to give illogical statements, irrational pronouncements and unplanned actions that isolate and self-sabotage him.

The result is the cruelty we see in the markets, with fear, anxiety and desperation causing this price-drop and much more gloom and discouragement to come.

Unfortunately the Tarot does not reveal how much longer the cruelty and deception will continue.

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8 - Wands - Swiftness 12 - Trump - HangedMan 16 - Trump - Tower 8 - Swords - Interference 9 - Swords - Cruelty