The #g7 summit is coming up this weekend so Adam does a #tarot reading to get some #predictions about what to expect.

He finds that the G7 has a happy history of managing to manifest their will onto the world, but that the summit this year is a worry. Their plans may be thwarted by the virus and it’s fallout: sluggish growth, stagnant economies, socio-economic failure.

But an influencer will be at the summit: curious and courageous, youthful and vibrant. They will face down the great powers that are obstacles in the way. And surprisingly, they may triumph. With fortitude and courage and indomitable boldness the youth and the hippies may yet save the world.

1 - Trump - Magician 9 - Cups - Happiness 1 - Wands - Ace 5 - Pentacles - Worry 12 - Wands - Knight 4 - Pentacles - Power 11 - Wands - Page