Matt #Hancock had his hand on his assistant’s arse and she liked it for some reason but he resigned anyway. How will a change of Health minister affect the #UK

We do a #tarot reading to find out.

We find that Matt Hancock is sullen, risk-taking and distractable. Aspiring, but fucking hopeless.

Since the spring his policy has been prudent, cautious. The nation locked down to protect the hospitals and people.

But the future looked cruel. Lock-down extended, the people sad and disillusioned. Perhaps Matt would never let us out of lock-down?

Then here comes Savid Javid. He’s confident and enthusiastic, wanting to push forward quickly and give back the right to travel freely ASAP.

He’s influenced and helped by the Knight of Swords, an exuberant and irreverent character with a discursive outsized nature. Sounds like Boris.

Standing in their way are the scientists and academics, the cautious who wand to proceed slowly with compassion and faith and isolation.

The outcome though is that Savid and Boris will have their way, the science and scepticism have created medicine which will, just about, allow us to become free once more.

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