This week #VirginGalatic has been into #space, sort of. So Adam does a #tarot reading to try and find out what motives Branson to fly so high only to come back down again.

We find that Branson has always had a love of adventure, and of the insitutions and companies which he builds. This is the motivation which made him fly around the world in crazy contraptions, and indeed the drive to journey into the edge of space.

But the hidden factor which propelled him on this journey was the oppression of his workers. Without exploiting the workers to take their surplus and concentrate it in yourself you can’t become a billionaire space-man. Branson didn’t build a rocket-plane, he didn’t even turn a single screw. His workers did.

Another external factor is the age in which we live. The age of enlightenment. The age of science. The space age. Branson didn’t invent space-travel, or rocket-motors, aerodynamics, he just employed some people to do that for him. Something that could only be done in this aeon.

But while these factors helped, it can’t be denied that Branson was successful. He accepted his astronaut wings, he flew to the edge of space, his mission was completed.

However, if he wishes to progress the Priestess suggests more learning will be needed. More growth. To find the love he desires he may need to become more spiritually aware of the hidden factors behind his success, and to complete the mission of Virgin Galactic more book-learning will be needed, more science and engineering and discipline.

But perhaps, he will do that learning and growth.

Perhaps we will one day have a space tourism industry.

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