This week, the Norwegian #BeachHandball team have been fined by the #Olympics for wearing #shorts instead of playing in their pants. Why is that? Is it fair? What will happen?

Adam does a five minute #tarot reading to find out.

We find that when the sport was originally governed, it was founded upon aspects of gorgeousness and beauty instead of pure sport. That the game seemed to not just be able hands and the ball, but also about sexuality and glamour.

This made some women quite sorrowful, they suffered exclusion and misery as a result.

So, behind the scenes, the women’s team found solidarity, they worked will diligence and willpower to break the game’s petty rules and through perseverance manifest a change in the game.

Which brings us to the current moment, where they are playing the game, being good sportsmen by also innovating and refusing to play in their pants. They are tenacious and are teaching the game about ethics and professionalism.

The cards suggest that some well spoken representative, perhaps an artist, will present nuanced argument and perhaps change the governor’s minds. One day perhaps men and women alike will only have to play in their pants if they forget their gym shorts.

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