This week, the IPCC have released their latest report on Climate Change. Their models suggest more of the world becoming uninhabitable, increases in wildfires and droughts and hurricanes and floods and not much sign we’re fixing it.

Adam does a five minute #tarot reading to find out what’s going on.

We find that the IPCC have been using the best science and learning available and that their report predicts the world heading for pain and debauchery.

Their intervention is purposeful and diligent, the manifestation of years of work and meticulous effort. It should influence the world to work hard, overcome the adversity and use all the human resourcefulness we can muster to avert the catastrophe.

But to do so we will face opposition from the money, from established interests and from wealth and profit.

The final outcome will be the completion of our human destiny, but the cards remain quiet on whether that ultimate destiny will be human extinction or human flourishing.

Presumably that’s still up to us.

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