This week the Americans are Abandoning #Afghanistan, so Adam does a #tarot reading to see what went wrong and what’s likely to happen.

The cards tell us that the original mission was about activism and money and wealth and domestic politics. That the mission was to build up Afghanistan’s education, health, incitations and infrastructure but that this was failing and heading towards ruin.

So the Americans indolently gave up, abandoned their responsibility, deserted their allies, withdrew their forces and left their collaborators bewildered and forlorn.

The big influences on what happens next will continue to be the kings of money, the conservative idolatry of the Taliban and also the conservative idolatry of the USA and other powers in the area.

The biggest obstacle to the Afghani people will be those who found success in this battle. They’ll be facing money and power and the only possible outcome is yet more work for the people. More oppression and they’ll need all their perseverance and contentiousness to take and keep their freedom.

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