This week Extinction Rebellion #xr restarted their London protests about #climate and #extinction with a march up the Charring Cross, building a giant pink round-table in Covent Garden blocking traffic.

But will it actually affect the Climate Conference in November?

Adam does a #tarot reading to find out.

He finds that humanity used to have a truce with nature, being to hopeless to really overpower it. But since the birth of Science and the Industrial age we have had more power over nature and look certain to continue our journey riding rough-shod over it.

Extinction Rebellion are a new force, a new will with a new impetus trying to bring our attention to the consequences of burning the fuel to gain power over nature: The 13th Trump. Death.

The ruling elite’s power is challenged by any change to the existing system though, and so they are an obstacle to any change.

The cards suggest that this power will be too entrenched, too thoughtless, passive and ill considered, and that the outcome will be climate debauchery. Rampant abuse, avarice and malfeasance. Decadence, and greed ensuring the failure of XR to alert the world.

Here’s hoping the cards are wrong.

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