The #uk is in crisis again, this time over fuel shortages and panic buying as #petrol stations all over the country run out of #fuel. Adam does a #tarot reading to investigate.

Past - 20 Trumps, Aeon

20 - Trump - Aeon

The history of the fuel supply in the UK has seen a whole age of fulfilment. A heyday in which fuel supplies were constant and secure. But that aeon is over. This card suggests that there has been some big change, that this isn’t a little blip, we have entered a new age.

External Influences - 9 Wands, Manifest

9 - Wands - Manifest

The most obvious reason for the fuel shortage of course is the manifestation of the self-fulfilling prophecy. The government sings “Don’t panic” and the news media all repeat them “Don’t panic” and the public just hear “hey, everyone’s gonna panic” and so go out and exhaust the supply. The message of shortage creates the shortages, the crisis manifesting itself from pure human hubris.

Hidden Influences - 0 Trumps, The Fool

0 - Trump - The-Fool

More hidden than that obvious influence though is The Fool, representing an odyssey of false conviction. Loyalty to independence even as it’s self-destructive in the long-term. This card represents Brexit, and the cascade of foolishness from that. Fewer lorries, fewer drivers, staffing troubles, import troubles, leaving the Internal Energy market, the fact the EU gives priority to other EU members leaving the UK at the back of the queue. The foolishness of Brexit.

Present - Ace Cups,

1 - Cups - Ace

That leaves us here. Our cup doesn’t run over, it’s the lowest level of cups you can have. The ace. It does though represent a birth of realisation, a new emotional mood. The balance of majority perhaps realizing what problems we have wrought upon ourselves.

Outcome - 3 Trumps, Empress

3 - Trump - Empress

The outcome then will be diversity and motivation. Innovation and ingenuity. Some new arrangement or idea in which a new age of empowering knowledge brings us to our senses, find a new abundance of hope and opportunity by finding a new arrangement with the world.

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20 - Trump - Aeon 9 - Wands - Manifest 0 - Trump - The-Fool 1 - Cups - Ace 3 - Trump - Empress