This week an #mp was sadly stabbed to death, and some are calling for an end to internet #anonymity in order to address this.

Adam does a #tarot reading to figure out why.

Past - 8 Cups, Indolence

8 - Cups - Indolence

Until now the internet publishers and social media companies have been indifferent to their actions, they have been indolent and lazy, denying any consequence of their actions.

Hidden Influences - 9 Pentacles, Gain

9 - Pentacles - Gain

All the time they have been making gains: Making enormous profits assured of the income from their user’s loyalty.

External Influence - 1 Swords, Ace

1 - Swords - Ace

But now we have seen an external actor bring an act of violence to the situation. A sudden stabbing attacking democracy and bringing ideas of justice to the fore.

Present - 1 Wands, Ace

1 - Wands - Ace

This brings about the present moment: The birth of a new idea, let’s make the internet collect everyone’s identity! Unfortunately, this idea is undeveloped and stillborn, impotent. It can’t work because it misidentifies the problem.

Outcome - 4 Cups, Luxury

4 - Cups - Luxury

The internet companies however, in their thousands all over the globe, are mostly in the luxurious position of not having to care at all what the government of a little island outside Europe thinks.

The idea is impotent, and the companies can ignore it.

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8 - Cups - Indolence 9 - Pentacles - Gain 1 - Swords - Ace 1 - Wands - Ace 4 - Cups - Luxury