After a short absence, we return to do a five minute #tarot reading about #meta and #facebook and why Zuck decided to make the change.

This is a tricky narrative, because the card representing the future is “Science”, and it’s hard to believe Facebook’s future was heading towards rational argument, considered discussion, brilliance, eloquence or cleverness.

We unlock the reading when we see one word written on the “Science” card: Relocation.

The truth is that Facebook’s users are undergoing the biggest digital migration in history, locating AWAY from Facebook and TOWARDS science and rationality and thinking and all those things.

Past - 13 Cups, Queen

13 - Cups - Queen

In the golden days of Facebook it’s users saw it as a benevolent caring company, helping it’s user to cultivate their relationships, inspiring fondness and caring between their users.

Present - 8 Wands, Swiftness

8 - Wands - Swiftness

But now their users are heading swiftly towards the doors. They are finding new ways of messaging, which are faster and clearer and less censored than Facebook posts. The greatest digital exodus ever is happening apace.

Future - 6 Swords, Science

6 - Swords - Science

The users are all heading away from Facebook and towards a more rational argument, a more considered discussion, places where eloquence and cleverness and brilliance are valued.

Intervention - 14 Swords, King.

14 - Swords - King

The Swords King is of course Zuck, making his ruling from above. The company will pivot because he demands it. He can impose his will, use mind over matter and boldly change the direction of his company.

Will it work?

Influence - 9 Swords, Cruelty

9 - Swords - Cruelty

One influence on the metaverse is if course the cruelty of the internet trolls. The VR spaces will be filled with griefers and rubbers and deceit.

Obstacles - 1 Wands, Ace

1 - Wands - Ace

The main obstacle to the future of the Metaverse is simply it’s youth. It’s a new idea, barely formed. The potential may be far-reaching, but it also may end up being still-born, or perhaps Facebook could just be too early.

Outcome - 10 Trumps, Fortune

10 - Trump - Fortune

It seems whether this move is a success is in the lap of the gods, a matter of luck and fortune. It could be that Facebook will overcome the cruelty of the trolls and help this new idea come to a fruition, or it could be that the cruel trolls will see the new idea stifled in it’s crib.

Only time and the fortunes can tell.

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13 - Cups - Queen 8 - Wands - Swiftness 6 - Swords - Science 14 - Swords - King 9 - Swords - Cruelty 1 - Wands - Ace 10 - Trump - Fortune