This week the world’s government’s ended their meeting at #cop26 and agreed on a statement. Did it go far enough? Or was it just a #copout?

We did a five minute #tarot reading to find out.

Past - 4 Wands, Completion

4 - Wands - Completion

In the distant past, humanity lived in stability, balance and equilibrium with nature.

Present - 7 Trumps, Chariot

7 - Trump - Chariot

Until the age of the motor arrived, the industrial age. Power and infrastructure and transit and engines.

Future - 4 Swords, Truce

4 - Swords - Truce

There was a stalemate. Humanity was helpless and passive as the engines and the power and the burning of the fuel continued.

Intervention - 14 Trumps, Temperance

14 - Trump - Temperance

But then the intervention: Cop26. Here to give temperance. To encourage teamwork, and living in harmony with nature, justice as it’s goal.

Influences - 12 Swords, Knight

12 - Swords - Knight

Sadly, the leaders we elect and send to these things (if they even go) are the Knight of Swords type: Thoughtless, self-assured, exuberant but discursive. Hurried and ill advised.

Does that describe your leader? Even if not it describes the others.

Obstacles - 9 Cups, Happiness

9 - Cups - Happiness

The people love their fuel of course, it brings the happiness and wealth and plentiful comforts. This is an obstacle to COP being able to do anything, especially with us sending leaders who will pander to that.

Outcome - 6 Cups, Pleasure

6 - Cups - Pleasure

So the outcome will be the pleasure will continue. The industrial age will continue. The burning of the fuel to give us pleasure will continue, and nothing will be done to restore the harmony and completion of the pre-industrial ages.

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4 - Wands - Completion 7 - Trump - Chariot 4 - Swords - Truce 14 - Trump - Temperance 12 - Swords - Knight 9 - Cups - Happiness 6 - Cups - Pleasure