Twenty Twenty Two 2022 Forecast - The Word Cloud Tarot Show - 20th December 2021

Merry #Christmas everyone! Good luck out there. I thought I’d do a little ten-minute preview of #2022 for you with with a new #tarot reading.

They’re calling it the best show of the year. This is the one to watch for a boost!

Best Hope - 13 Wands, Queen

13 - Wands - Queen

So what do we hope for from the year? The royal cards are usually referring to leaders or leadership, so we need an open-minded innovative democratic leader who believes in self-determination and a robust republic. We need a heroine, a dominatrix kissing democracy.

History - 12 Cups, Knight

12 - Cups - Knight

Sadly, last year we had a leader who was unsympathetic, quite amusing, with flair and idealism. But susceptible to big-ideas. Idolatry over evidence. He’s a man of drama not substance, not like our wand queen queen.

External - 7 Trumps - Chariot

7 - Trump - Chariot

What can we expect in External influence in 2020? Transport! Vacations and travel and confidence! It sounds like we should be able to book those holidays at last!

Internal - 21 Trumps - Universe

21 - Trump - Universe

Internally, we will each come to a realisation, an epiphany about everything, about the connectedness of all things, the totality of the universe.

Sounds like consciousness is rising.

Waning Influence - 18 Trumps, Moon

18 - Trump - Moon

The crazy is going away! It’s been a big influence in the past but it’s influence is waning and all the insecurities and fear are on the way out!

Waxing Influence - 13 Swords, Queen

13 - Swords - Queen

Becoming MORE important: The Queen of Swords. A ruler. But this is a NEW leader, someone becoming MORE important. Could it be a queen? A new female prime mister? A new female president? Someone thoughtful, rational, brave and brilliant.

Now - 19 Trumps, Sun

19 - Trump - Sun

This moment now, as we turn into a new year, is also a new dawn. It will be vibrant and we’ll have nice weather and we’ll be grateful and together.

It’s going to be glorious!

Obstacle - 4 Cups, Luxury

4 - Cups - Luxury

What stands in the way of this brilliant new dawn? The down-side of luxury is of course tedium, weariness, complacency and indifference. Ignorance.

We probably have to all mostly just sit still for a few weeks more. Spend some time contemplating life, reassessing our spiritual needs, and overcoming our apathy.

If we can overcome that apathy, the tedium, and actually do something about our leaders then what awaits?

Outcome - 1 Cups, Ace

1 - Cups - Ace

A new birth, a new passion. Unionised workers, federating and a more feminine world, with new female leaders, transcending sexiness to be genuine representatives and a new oneness for us all.

So that sounds nice, surprising really. I was honestly expecting just more virus stuff. Perhaps it really is nearly all over, and we can really get some sane female leadership!?

So look out for new brilliant rational female leaders!

Can we all follow Finland’s example?

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