The Future Of The BBC - The Word Cloud Tarot Show - 17 Jan 2022

While flailing around for red-meat/dead-cat for their supporters, #Boris’s #government has attacked the #BBC.

Adam does a ten-minute #tarot reading to figure out what’s going on and what we can do. Turns out there are balanes to government that can also shape the way the BBC changes into a leaner more free organisation.

Past - 4 Trumps, Emperor

4 - Trump - Emperor

A mandate given by the governing authority, the Reithian mission: to inform and entertain and educate.

Present - 12 Trumps, Hanged Man

12 - Trump - HangedMan

A catastrophe, the BBC is being hung out to dry, renounced and sacrificed. Cancellation. They are being disowned by the authority that created them.

Future - 21 Trumps, Universe

21 - Trump - Universe

The BBC was heading forward as an admirable organisation full of opportunities and with limitless manifestations. It’s a TV channel, it’s a radio show, it’s a website, it’s a newspaper. It was exploring the whole universe, and it’s future was limitless

Intervention - 1 Swords, Ace

1 - Swords - Ace

The birth of a fight, injustice and toughness. Make no mistake, this is an attack, they come with a sword.

Influence - 5 Trumps, Hierophant

5 - Trump - Hierophant

The card for organisation. For structure and study and institutions. Legislation and government will certainly be a big influence, but they are not the only organisations. There are also unions, and the courts, and academia and society itself.

Obstacles, 2 Pentacles, Change

2 - Pentacles - Change

The thing standing in the BBC’s way is that it needs to change. It needs yet more innovation and investments. It will need to adapt and solve many problems. It’s going to have to be versatile, and form new partnerships.

Outcome, 8 Wands, Swiftness

8 - Wands - Swiftness

Seems like there will be an acceleration, the BBC is going to have to get faster, more nimble, and direct. Released from government, it could become more free, more candid and efficient.

But it could also trip, and manifest opposition.

The BBC needs to be reformed, the licence fee was already unfair and stupid.

It’s up to the rest of our institutions to ensure that the government don’t hang the institution out to dry.

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