Sue Gray - The Word Cloud Tarot Show - 31th Jan 2022

This week Sue #Gray released an update on her #report to #parliament so we did a lightning #tarot reading to find out what that’s all about.

Past - 15 trumps, Devil

15 - Trump - Devil

Alcohol and kink and deviancy, this card is clearly referring to the parties going on around number 10.

Present - 19 trumps, Sun

19 - Trump - Sun

Manifestation and thankfulness, gratitude and worldly comfort.

Future - 10 trumps, Fortune

10 - Trump - Fortune

So it was all a toss up for BoJo, will he face the abyss, a tragedy and demise, or will he get the happiness and fortune of good karma?

Intervention - 11 Wands, Page

11 - Wands - Page

Sue Gray herself. Indomitable, and bold and resourceful. She’s bravely breaking the news of her investigation.

Influences - 6 Trumps, Lovers

6 - Trump - Lovers

Peace and agreements, lovers. Is that Johnson and and Dick embracing on the front of the card? Bargaining and value alignment seem likely to
be an influence.

Outcome - 12 Wands, Knight

12 - Wands - Knight

An indictment, criminal rashness and a guilt plea are all mentioned on this card, there will be a disposition!

Conclusion - Johnson Is Doomed

It’s just a matter of time now before we can create change and depose the criminal.

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