Ukrainian War - The Word Cloud Tarot Show - 14 Feb 2022

Everyone’s saying #Russia is going to #invade #Ukraine but are they? Perhaps the Tarot can tell us, watch my 3 minute lightning reading.

Past - 5 Wands, strife

5 - Wands - Strife

This history of the region is filled with strife even before 2014, it’s a contest between global competitors to defend borders. There’s a long history of tensions and disputes, as there is basically everywhere really.

Internal - 3 Wands, Virtue

3 - Wands - Virtue

Russia’s internal processes, Putin’s plan, is virtuous. Virtue doesn’t necessarily mean good. You can be evil and also virtuous. it’s Prepared, full of acumen, with an expectation and a simple reliable plan.

Hidden - 19 Trumps, Sun

19 - Trump - Sun

But the world is full of warmth and love and togetherness and wisdom and so it invented the diplomatic services.

Present - 11 Cups, page

11 - Cups - Page

The present moment is in the hands of the diplomatic services. Resourceful and well-spoken, nuanced and responsive. Staffed with thinkers with delicate eloquence.

Outcome - 4 Pentacles, Power

4 - Pentacles - Power

The outcome as always is that power will win, the money and finance and control can take their win without violence though, the diplomatic service should ensure that the powerful can achieve their aims without the cost of war.


The cards suggest that Russia has a plan, and that it will achieve it’s aims through the work of diplomats and bluff, warm soft hidden powers rather than all out war.

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