Rwanda People Trafficking - The Word Cloud Tarot Show - 13th June 2022

Next week, maybe as early as tomorrow, the government is due to begin #trafficking people for money as they pay #Rwanda to take #refugees from Britain. We do a card reading to figure out what’s going on.

Past - 4 Swords - Truce

4 - Swords - Truce

Refugees flee their HELPLESS situation and seek NECESSARY refuge in our country. Despite being POWERLESS they hope for PEACE and an end to the HOSTILITIES of their life, seeking a FORTUITOUS ARMISTICE.

Present - 6 Trumps - Lovers

4 - Trump - Emperor

The refugees have now made to The UK, and they are filled with GRATITUDE and CAMARADERIE hoping for a PARTNERSHIP with our country, to
COLLABORATE with us in TRANQUILLITY and for MUTUAL benefit and aid.

External - 1 Wands - Ace

1 - Wands - Ace

However, the external influence is a SWORD card, a fighting card. There are forces in government, trying to prove their POWER and MANLINESS and VIGOUR by picking on the least fortunate. The government wants to look tough and cause a distraction, so they’re threatening the weakest and most vulnerable people in the country.

Hidden - 19 Trumps - Sun

19 - Trump - Sun

But there are hidden influences are at play: The Sun. There are IDEALISTIC people in the country, working with POSITIVITY to MANIFEST a better world. Lawyers and non-governmental workers have the VITALITY to fight this mass deportation.

Future - 10 Trumps - Fortune

10 - Trump - Fortune

So how will things go on that plane? That’s up to CHANCE now but there is HOPE that HUMANITY will prevail and the OPPOSITION will be defeated by the forces of ENLIGHTENMENT. The PROGRESSIVE CYCLES may eventually SHIFT the moral landscape, so that moral atrocities like the mass deportation and government sanctioned trafficking of the most desperate people in the world will end.


The refugees just want truce and love and peace but the government wants to use them as a punching bag to prove how hard they are to their supporters.

However, hidden sunshine in the population may yet force the planes not to take off and save those vulnerable people from yet more harassment and trouble.

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