Conservative Leadership - The Word Cloud Tarot Show - 11th July 2022

Last month there were no shows coz I bust my ribs, this month there’s been few shows because I caught Covid.

But we can do one today and thank goodness because

What the hell is going on with the #Conservative party? They all vote confidence in Boris, and then they all resign one by one, and then he resigns too, and now there’s going to be a new #leadership election.

We do a five minute #Tarot reading to figure out what is going on.

Past - 14 Pentacles, King

14 - Pentacles - King

The word Conservative is right there on the card, along with trust and dependability, truthful discipline and diligence.

The party used to be something of a libertarian ideology touch and systematic.

But his is the history of the party.

Present - 7 Wands, Valour

7 - Wands - Valour

The party has changed. Instead of focusing on economic conservatism, it is fighting wars. Looking for adventure against an enemy, they have turned into oppressors, risk-takers, seeing enemies everywhere, foolhardy roadblocks to progress.

Future - 5 Cups, Disappointment

5 - Cups - Disappoint

And the future was looking even worse. The worst of them were infecting the party. Shame and deception and infidelity and misery Despondency at the misfortune of having Boris in charge.

If things go on as they are, they are going to lose.

Intervention - 2 Trumps, Priestess

2 - Trump - Priestess

So there will be the intervention: The institution’s priests will pick a new leader, using arcane and alchemical methods, they’ll use their esoteric philosophies to pick a man or woman.

Influences - 6 Cups, Pleasure

6 - Cups - Pleasure

Pleasure and vice and guilty melodrama bought down the last man. Can they find someone who isn’t involved?

Obstacles - 19 Trumps, Sun

19 - Trump - Sun

Do we mean “The Sun” the newspaper? Could be. Unlikely a leader can win unless they are embedded in the media/government/capitalism system.

Or perhaps the obstacles are that their candidates lack a clear bight vision, have no idealism, no enthusiasm.

Outcome - 1 Swords, Ace.

1 - Swords - Ace

The outcome? Ace Swords. A new battle.

We have the Judiciary and the criminal system represented here. Perhaps Boris will face actual justice for his corruption and crime?

Either way, the party will continue to be at war with itself, but with a new-born leader.


The conservative party was a trustworthy dependable systematic and libertarian party.

But the members turned into oppressors, seeing enemies everywhere and fighting culture wars

It was leading to the party being shamed by infidelity and corruption, and it was obvious that with Boris in charge the party would be corrupted further.

So they turned to the rule-book, the systems and institutions they have built up, to get a new election. A new leader.

But for that to work the influences of vice and corruption will need to be avoided.

They must have a plan for a bright shining future, and the press on-side.

So the result will be a new war in the party, but since vice is such an influence on the party, and their lack of any bright vision of the future such an impediment, they will probably just have a new internal war with a new leader.

Same party, same tensions, but a new leader.

Will the people be fooled?

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