It’s Hot - The Word Cloud Tarot Show - 18th July 2022

It’s #hot.

So @revpriest does a lightning five minute #tarot reading to find out what’s going on with the #weather and #climate and #politics on this, the hottest day of my life. So far.

External - 10 Swords, ruin

10 - Swords - Ruin

External to ourselves is the environment. The ecology and economy and they are in ruin.

On the verge of catastrophe and disorder.

We have an economic downturn, and have a shredded crumbled broken climate.

Internal - 3 Wands, virtue

3 - Wands - Virtue

But the human species does want to do well, it is competent and honest and believes in fairness and self control and we are resourceful with good infrastructure.

Waning - 12 Trumps, Hanged Man

12 - Trump - HangedMan

Of lessening importance is nonchalance and indifference. Aloofness towards the issues and disinterest or incomprehension at reality is on the way out.

Waxing - 12 Wands, Knight

12 - Wands - Knight

Instead, growing in importance, is the bravery and courage of honesty. Efficiency and renewable solar electricity are all words on this card and are going to be growing in importance.

Best Hope - 16 Trumps, Tower

16 - Trump - Tower

The best hope then is the collapse of our entire debt-based economy, the fall of all the current economic insitutions. The collapse of systems and annihilation of the old order.

Panic and the toppling of government.

History - 13 Pentacles, Queen

13 - Pentacles - Queen

But we have been ruled by patriarchy, and misogyny, by the needs of wealth and the security state.

Now - 1 Pentacles, Ace

1 - Pentacles - Ace

But this hot moment can bring about a shift, a change in investment and opportunity. A clarity of mind, the conception of a new type of money and economy.

Obstacles - 11 Swords, Page

11 - Swords - Page

Standing in the way is the level-headed rational and reasoning bureaucracy of the debt-based system. Expect argument and dispute from old institutions that will need to be overcome.

Outcome - 8 Pentacles, Prudence

8 - Pentacles - Prudence

But if we can become more rational, build a new reliable efficient economy to consolidate our finance and health systems, to train and teach and build, we can still have a prudent and sustainable world.


Our external world, the ecology and economy, are in ruin.

We are a virtuous people, but have been in the grip of nonchalance and denial. That is now a waning influence however, and instead we can see a new hope for a shift to a new style economy

The best hope is for the old institutions to fall, to end the history of being ruled by the patriarchy for the needs of wealth.

Instead, there is now the birth of a new way of thinking about money and the economy, which if we can overcome the resistance of the old institutions, can build a new prudent and sustainable economic system.

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