Inflation - The Word Cloud Tarot Show - 08 Aug 2022


This week, prices are going up faster than they have since the 70s. The #Inflation is here. Why? What’s happening? Here’s a five minute #tarot reading on the #costOfLiving

Past - 10 Of Pentacles, Wealth

10 - Pentacles - Wealth

We started off with some wealth, a bountiful abundance of prosperity and treasures.

A good start.

External Influence - 3 Of Cups, Abundance

3 - Cups - Abundance

And on top of the plentiful wealth of our world and nations, we also have an abundance in other ways:

Bountiful creativity and development, exponential growth, happy harvest and a plethora of wealth and innovation.

It’s all going well then. But what of hidden influences?

Hidden Influence - 2 Of Trumps, Priestess

2 - Trump - Priestess

But there’s a hidden influence: The priestess. She represents the esoteric and the metaphysical, obscure occult mysticism, the intellect and enlightenment. Possibly the economics profession? The Media? The Bankers?

So we should have it all right? Wealth and abundance and a guiding hand from economics and media.

Present - 12 Of Wands, Knight

12 - Wands - Knight

But our media is awful and captured by the deep state, so this moment is ruled by a Knight: Royalty.

This particular miscreant is amorous, entertaining, and funny but also distractable, lustful and inconsiderate. A jealous irresponsible felon.

The media is so awful that we keep electing felons. And what does that lead to?

Outcome - 12 Of Cups, Knight

12 - Cups - Knight

Another Knight: so the outcome will be more of being ruled over by the elite! This ruler is calm and unsympathetic, rationalistic and ingenious.

The capital class in general perhaps.

They are ruling over us, price-gauging, pulling in record profits and their cup runs over, leaving the rest of us to suffer real-price pay-cuts and beg for the scraps from their table.


We have wealth, we have abundance, and we have learning. But yet still we end up with inconsiderate distractable irresponsible criminals in charge so they perpetuate the ruling classes who monopolise ownership and control of group enterprise so they can price-gauge, steal the wealth of the workers and ensure their own wealth even at the cost of others.


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