Rivers Of Shit - The Word Cloud Tarot Show - 22 Aug 2022

It’s the 22 of August 2022. There’s a lot of number 2s in that date, and also in our rivers and seas, so @revpriest does a #tarot reading into the #turdreich to find out why the #UK seas are turning into #poop soup

Past - 8 Of Pentacles, Prudence

8 - Pentacles - Prudence

The last 12 years or so have seen hoarding austerity and privatisation. The country has been mortgaged, the people driven into debt while money and capital have been transferred to private hands. The economy’s health systems, and education systems like schools and universities, and water, have all been taken over by finance.

Hidden Influence - 10 Of Swords, Ruin

10 - Swords - Ruin

That has lead to a country in ruin and recession. Our water systems are failing, the people are in conflict, the country faces catastrophe and crisis. All the institutions of state are crushed, in disorder and meltdown

External Influence - 1 Of Wands, Ace

1 - Wands - Ace

But externally to our country, they are still able. Other countries can still clean their shit up, construct new infrastructure, innovate with novel and original ideas. Abroad they still have planning by the state and have systems that work

Present - 7 Of Wands, Valour

7 - Wands - Valour

Here in this present moment though we still have a ruined infrastructure owned by financialized capital. Why? Because of Valour

The capital has convinced the workers that their adversity is due to an adversary.

They challenge us to fight in the culture wars, to distract us from their waging the class war. They imagine an enemy, so they can demand bravery, _courage, and fortitude.

They pump up pomposity and patriotism, while they rob our systems to the point we can’t even clean up our shit.

And it’s working. But what will the final outcome be?

Outcome - 3 Of Cups, Abundance

3 - Cups - Abundance

The outcome is perhaps surprisingly optimistic:

Hope and opportunity and wealth!

We will rediscover camaraderie and community and friendship, we will grow weary of their instance we face ruin with valour, and instead organize - take control of the wealth to ensure it’s profusion through society. And finally once more learn to clean up our shit.


Years of austerity and privatisation have lead to our country being in ruin.

Abroad, they still have infrastructure and planning and innovation,

but here they use the very ruin they have wrought to make us feel invaded and valorous to distract us from the class war with their culture war.

But we can cast off their chains, overthrow the powerful, clean up their shit, and share the abundance of wealth more equitably between us all.

That’s the revolutionary message this week.

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