AI and Artists - Announcing the Happy Toast deck - Word Cloud Tarot Show - 29 Aug 2022

This week we announce our new #tarot deck, with great #art from @iamhappytoast!

So @revpriest does a reading on a question that’s been on Happy Toast’s mind: What will happen to #artists now an #AI like #dalle can do their jobs?

Past - 11 Of Trumps, Justice

11 - Trump - Justice

Artists of the past had accountability. If they do good work they are treated fairly and honestly They could make their art with integrity, gaining the respect they are due for their art, and obligation by their clients to commit to a negotiation

Present - 2 Of Wands, Dominion

2 - Wands - Dominion

The artists have dominion over their work, sovereignty over their will and creations. They can demand consequences if their vision is compromised, can strive for improvement, manifesting new art into the world.

Future - 14 Of Wands, King

14 - Wands - King

Without the intervention from the AI, Artists were assured and charismatic, they could be confident and determined, they were empowered and able to be innovative, to be smart and sovereign individuals.

Intervention - 15 Of Trumps, Devil

15 - Trump - Devil

But here comes the intervention: The Devil. A dehumanising and dishonest machine, A perversion of their work scraped from the internet, amalgamated and blended and mixed, dispossessing the creators, perverting and abusing the art, offering no recompense or power to artists.

Influence - 2 Of Cups, Love

2 - Cups - Love

But fans love the artist as well as the art. They are attracted by the person, not the portrait. They are comrades of the artist, connected to them on a emotional level. They maintain a relationship with the artist that no AI could currently understand

Obstacles - 10 Of Cups, Satiety

10 - Cups - Satiety

The main obstacle for The AI is satiety, immediate satisfaction of the clients.

The machine has no joy or life so it can’t express feelings and expectations, other than in a bland, average, statistical way.

The AI’s misalignment means it may satisfy the client, but fail at connecting to the consumer on an emotional level.

Outcome - 5 Of Trumps, Hierophant

5 - Trump - Hierophant

The outcome then will be the Hierophant.

The machine can follow guidelines, but is dogmatic, and conservative, only able to copy with variations that which it has seen before.

It’s too conforming and conservative. Without an artist who has dominion over the art, who can say “no” to corporate head office, art may meet institutional needs, but fail at bringing any human connection.


There was a balance between artist and client, a justice and honesty to the way they interacted.

The artist always had dominion over their own work, which gave them some power as sovereign workers.

But the dehumanizing AI dispossesses that relationship, perverts it, and abuses the artist’s prior work to make countless soulless machine-variations.

However fans love artists for the human connection, the satisfaction of a relationship to another human being.

If the AIs took over, the result would be a conservative stasis, art conforming to prior dogmatism. With no human with dominion over the art we’d just eat clean corporate pabulum forever.

So if you prefer to make a connection with an artist, come and order Happy Toast’s deck during our kickstarter in November.

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