What Is Kickstarter? - The Word Cloud Tarot Show - 31st Oct 2022

The day is finally here, we are happy to announce the launch of the HappyToast deck by @iamhappytoast and Wordcloudtarot. The #kickstarter is open!

To celebrate, Adam does a reading answering a question asked by his mum: What is a kickstarter?

Past - 7 Of Swords, Futility

7 - Swords - Futility

Once upon a time if an artist had a new bit of work, or a engineer had an idea for a new project, there was little they could do.

Releasing it was futile, a Sisyphean task of defeat and delusion.

The art patron and venture capitalist scenes are full of chicanery and dishonesty and irresponsibility.

No wonder artists were full of cynicism and ineffective lazy sophistry.

Hidden Influence - 7 Of Wands, Valour

7 - Wands - Valour

But behind the scenes, hidden, there lie an audience of audacious and bold supporters who are fearless and courageous. They have honour and will face many hurdles and impediments to help support the art they love if only they had the opportunity.

External Influence - 11 Of Swords, Page

11 - Swords - Page

Then, onto the world comes the page of swords. It is Perry Chen! He is affable and analytical and impatient. He’s logical and technical and disdainful of the status quo.

He is observant and practical and he can see a way to guide the valorous audience through the maze of futility!

He started Kick-starter.

Present - 9 Of Pentacles, Gain

9 - Pentacles - Gain

Now that Kickstarter exists, artists can finally gain and delight their audiences who get assurance and bountiful incentives.

The artist can use kickstarter to gather a diverse set of patrons, offer them perks for the support that they are delighted to give. There is a plethora of opportunity, a durable and exciting way to connect those valorous fans with the artist and cut that Sisyphean futile wasted effort.

If a project is successful, the audience and the artist can gain!

Outcome - 14 Of Cups, King

14 - Cups - King

Which means that finally artists can be expressive, can communicate their esoteric and evocative ideas to a faithful and generous audience who are thankful for the work and gracious enough want to be supportive.


Connecting with an audience and allowing them to fund a project into life used to be a difficult and failure-prone task,

Even when there was a valorous audience, they were hidden and unable to express their support.

But page of swords Perry Chen was observant, technical, and practical enough to create kickstarter

it allows audiences to pledge to support a project, which can then reward the creator for making it, a gain for both.

Now it exists, you can be as gracious and faithful as the king of cups, and support our kick-starter during this month!

So do like and follow and share, but also visit the kickstarter pledge, and support the art. You can be as cool as the King of Cups

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