Will there be a nuclear war before our kick-starter ends? - The Word Cloud Tarot Show - 3 Nov 2022

We released our #kickstart for a new #tarot deck this week, while headlines in newspapers speak of building up a stock of #nuclear weapons around #Russia.

So we ask the important question of the moment: Will there be a nuclear war before our kickstarter ends?

Best Hope - 11 Of Cups, Page

11 - Cups - Page

We hope for a leader who is clever and cogent of the situations. An articulate and astute plan that is nuanced and responsive and sensitive and calming.

We should hope for de-escalation.

Lets see if we have that.

History - 8 Of Wands, Swiftness

8 - Wands - Swiftness

Instead we just have accelerating escalation, a dreadful rush towards inevitability, the _manifestation_of the portents, the immantising of the echelon.

This is MAD.

But the history the world has chosen, is to have a deterrent strategy.

External - 5 Of Cups, Disappoint

5 - Cups - Disappoint

So we are full of anguish and bereavement and betrayal, the external world is in calamity, and we are all feeling despondent and helpless.

It’s clear our leaders are failing us, in all the countries, all kinds of ways.

Internal - 10 Of Cups, Satiety

10 - Cups - Satiety

Inside we have had enough.

We feel like it’s an emergency and the emotions are running high. There’s hazards and instability everywhere. The axis is misaligned. They are using _threats_and surveillance not just against Russia, but against us all.

We should have bliss and contentment and assurance, a guarantee of harmony and joy.

But instead the newspapers are filling us with emergency, and threats.

Have you had enough?

Waning - 7 Of Wands, Valour

7 - Wands - Valour

If you decide upon the strategy of using a deterrent, you have to advertise the fact. The story must be in the newspapers as surely as a cobra evolves a display hood.

So you get all this bravado. Valour.

But foolhardy valiant confrontation has consequences. Advertising a deterrent is inherently esclatory.
There is a risk that fearlessness leads to battle.

But perhaps this is becoming less important.

Waxing - 13 Of Trumps, Death

13 - Trump - Death

Instead, growing more important, is death.

Oh dear.

It’s well know that the card really means, change. An ending, even a failure, but mortality is not the only outcome with loss. Breaking of the old can cause the new.

It’s a cliffhanger.

Which way will it go?

End the tensions? Or end the life?

You, Now - 13 Of Wands, Queen

13 - Wands - Queen

It’s upside down. That’s not supposed to happen. I take active steps to avoid that.

Some believe if a card turns upside down then, it reverses the meaning, but I dislike a messy deck of 50/50 coin-flips.

The queen of wands is amazing, she is confident and creative and erotic and powerful and free. My heroine. She’s fresh and inquisitive and independent.

Do you feel that way? Or the opposite? Do we take the card being upside down seriously?

Perhaps things could flip easily either way.

The cliffhanger continues.

Obstacles - 10 Of Pentacles, Wealth

10 - Pentacles - Wealth

What stops us?

Oh, it’s the economy. The capital again. The establishment and their inherited wealth, they look after their friends and flourish. While we are at risk, their policies and pensions are the only important thing.

Outcome - 8 Of Trumps, Strength

8 - Trump - Strentgh

Reports of upgraded nukes are a show of strength. Lumbering powerful military intelligences flexing, in each other’s faces to get each other to back down.

But these risky cliff-hangers have a downside,

If we want the calming de-escalatory plan We need to show gentleness and empathy and trust, but also ensure it’s our public strength which is expressed, not the bravado.


That upside down card, and the ambiguity “cliffhanger” nature of the death card, gives us a reading showing two worlds not quite resolved. A superposition.

Our best hope is calm de-escalation, but instead our policy is swiftness, MAD and deterrence. All the world’s leaders are clearing failing us, and we have had enough. The trouble is they have to show bravado. If you have a deterrent, you must advertise it, and that is itself escalatory. So it becomes a gamble between the two meanings of the card Death.

So the world feels topy tervy. You’re fine, but also the opposite. It could go either way.

The concentration of wealth and prevents any real change And so we better hope their show of strength works.

Because there’s already been enough death and we really want this kickstarter to be a success before the war comes and kills us all.

So come support us at wordcloudtarot.com, you might as well do it early, we might not make it through the month. Cards reckon it could go either way.

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