Does That Girl Fancy You? - The Word Cloud Tarot Show - November 2022

To celebrate the release of the new @iamhappytoast #wordcloud #tarot deck, @revpriest does a five minute tarot reading asking a question that is older than the tarot itself.

Does that girl fancy you?

#romance #attraction #gossip

Past - 1 Of Pentacles, Ace

1 - Pentacles - Ace

Ever since she was a baby and growing up as a child, she has been taught to look for money and dollars and power.

She is often attracted to riches, sure, who isn’t. But pay isn’t what she wants from a man.

Attractive men attract money, as well as women. So obviously lots of them are rich. Money is just a side-effect of being attractive.

Really she wants emotional clarity and an ability to cooperate and put experience to use though effort to cause others others to create and invest.

It’s just that’s also what angel investors and employers want.

Hidden Influence - 2 Of Pentacles, Change

2 - Pentacles - Change

She’s grown up in a time of change. There’s been a revolution.

Women can have their own money and investment freedom now.

She adaptable and flexible and progressive. She’s resourceful and resilient and has her own ventures going on.

She just wants to concentrate on her mission. These are times of change.

Does she even need a man at all? You can hire babies now.

External Influence - 5 Of Wands, Strife

5 - Wands - Strife

Plus, she’s been abused before you know. She’s faced difficulty and hostility and sexism. Even physical attack. She’s fought and took flight and squabbled and quarrelled.

It’s stressful and challenging.

Someone’s gotta be really special to risk it you know?

Present - 18 Of Trumps, Moon

18 - Trump - Moon

So she’s not sure about guys.

She’s been betrayed and feels confused about danger and deceit. She has her own dreams and imagination and reasons for sleeplessness.

It’d need someone to romance her without making her nervous.

Really though her mind is a mystery to itself.

Isn’t everyone’s?

So who knows? Do you have the emotional security and team-inspiring skills she wants?

Can you demonstrate them while showing her affection?

Outcome - 5 Of Cups, Disappoint

5 - Cups - Disappoint

Ah, sorry.

Sounds like it’s probably not gonna work out.

There will be disappointment and despair, so much loss it feels like a bereavement.

It’s not because you’re poor and downtrodden though, it’s because she’s been abused before and times are changing and she has her own power now.

And what do you actually have to offer?

You’re so traumatised by your own disappointment and discouragement and frustration and heartache that you’re helpless and jealous and mired in misfortune.

You have no riches or power or even really the ability to engage on an emotional level through a whole conversation.

She’ll probably find someone warm and competent and then give up on her dreams to settle for for him instead.



She’s always been attracted to men who are confident cooperators able to inspire, and many of those are rich as a result of that skill-set.

She doesn’t really need wealth and power, she has that for herself in these new times.

And she’s been abused in the past by men and society.

So she has her own dreams, her own moon-shoots.

And you just get to be disappointed.

Sorry. Never mind.

Look on the bright side:

It might be that the disappointment is hers!

She might settle for you and then /she/ can feel the misery and disappointment she /she/ loses sight of all her dreams.

Sometimes it goes that way.

Maybe try buying her a gift!

Does she seem like she might like Tarot?

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