How The Tarot Works - The Word Cloud Tarot Show 14th November 2022

Have you ever wondered, how does the #tarot work?

This month WordCloudTarot and @IAmHappyToast are launching a #NewDeck: the Happy Toast deck.

The easiest one to learn ever.

The meanings are written on the cards.

In celebration here’s a five minute instructional video in which we do a tarot reading to ask the tarot how the tarot works.

Past - 6 Of Swords, Science

6 - Swords - Science

Over history, the cards have come to represent a clear collection of concepts, an amalgamation of all the memes and discoveries and theories that are innate to the biology of human minds.

They have been chosen and evolved to represent a good rational, logical, and scientific spread of the all memes, all theories and all thinking that there has ever been.

They are a wide and well chosen representation of a range of ideas from the collective unconscious.

Hidden Influence - 8 Of Trumps, Strength

8 - Trump - Strentgh

Hidden behind a reading is always the strength of the will of the reader and querent

Their beliefs, their confidence, and the perseverance of their optimism and will impose meaning,

We bring our own preconceived ideas to the reading. And impose them with strength of will.

External Influence - 13 Of Trumps, Death

13 - Trump - Death

The external influence here looks scary. Death! But it just means the death of those preconceived ideas that we bring to the reading.

The cards will not fall in a way which fits our priors. That external reality will break our own preconceived ideas, leaving them for dead, it’ll force a change, an awakening and the rebirth of new ideas.

The old narratives we had in our head are collapsed, and are metamorphosed into a new narrative, born in its place.

Present - 10 Of Wands, Oppression

10 - Wands - Oppression

The random mix of well selected ideas, The strength of will we bring ourselves, And the forced death of old ideas makes us come up with new ones, But they oppressed to fit a narrative.

They channel our thoughts into a new story. The story is entrapped by the flow of need and tension, and the onus and duty and will of the characters.

We are writing that story, so we can oppress it until it makes sense.

Outcome - 1 Of Cups, Ace

1 - Cups - Ace

The result is a brand new story, that is engaging and emotional, that has resonance and meaning.

They sound even clairvoyant, holy. They feel instinctively representative and true and sexy because they were created in our own minds

It will sound true and real to us, because it is us that oppressed the narrative to make it sound true and real.


A well chosen set of memes, and the hidden strength of the will of the querent, faced with the death of preconceived ideas forces the birth of new ones, which are constrained and oppressed to produce emotional and believable stories, which can even help reveal previously hidden insight.

And how the hell do you learn what each of those well chosen memes are?

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