Should you quit your job? - The Word Cloud Tarot Show - 21st Nov 2022

This month @iamhappytoast and word cloud tarot are releasing a new #tarot deck, the easiest deck to read in the whole world: the meanings are written on the cards in words too!

To celebrate, @revpriest does a five minute reading to demonstrate with a common Tarot question:

Should you #quit your #job?

Past - 4 Of Cups, Luxury

4 - Cups - Luxury

Historically your current job has been very easy, you’ve been lazing around in an almost automated way, aimless and apathetic about your employment. Yes, bored and facing ennui at the fate you face staying at this hopeless and lazy tedium.

Present - 2 Of Cups, Love

2 - Cups - Love

At the moment, you love it. You do. You have friends there, and companionship. Comraderie with your collaborators. It’s amusing and you are intimately connected to your co-workers.

It’s a good gig. tranquil and amusing.

Future - 5 Of Pentacles, Worry

5 - Pentacles - Worry

But the future is more worrisome. There is some economic doubt about the future of the company and it’s failure would be frustrating, filling you with depression and dejection and despair.

Does it even pay enough money?

This employment is easy, but it has inadequate income and you can feel yourself atrophying and becoming sluggish from lack of personal growth.

Intervention - 8 Of Trumps, Strength

8 - Trump - Strentgh

So here’s the intervention: strength.

Will you be assured and brave enough to quit? Do you have the confidence and dynamism? You’ll need new income source?

The instability and longing may end if you are optimistic about the future and sacrifice comfort now, for stamina and vigour later.

Influence - 13 Of Wands, Queen

13 - Wands - Queen

One influence on your decision will be your lover, the queen of wands.

They are confident and enthusiastic about your change of career. They are flamboyantly and forthright, so not afraid to say so either. They are unbridled and nuanced, as they wax lyrical about your new career.

It’s clear they want the best for you.

Obstacles - 14 Of Pentacles, King

14 - Pentacles - King

The Obstacle your current boss: entrepreneurial and corporate, he’s a billionaire businessman who is disciplined and knowledgeable.

He is trustworthy and skilled, it’s certainly harder to leave a job with a good proficient and reputable boss.

But he wants what is good for his company.

Outcome - 11 Of Pentacles, Page

11 - Pentacles - Page

If you find the strength to quit, you will become an apprentice learning to do crafty things, or a banker doing bookish things, or a businessman doing enterprising things.

You will be a professional, get promotions and be a respectful, skilful worker.

The Page that you will become is a workaholic, studious and focussed.


The current job is pretty easy, you aren’t stressed or stretched. You love the boss and the people, have friends and good camaraderie.

But you are worried for the future of the company, and your own future if you don’t stretch yourself.

If you listen to your lover who wants the best for you, instead of your boss who wants the best for his business, you do indeed have the strength to quit and learn new things and become a better professional.

If you want to be the page, you need to find the strength to do as your lover suggests, not stay comfortable in the same lazy routine.

Good luck!

When you are quitting, do mention our Kick starter to your ex-boss, and buy yourself a deck of the new Happytoast Word Cloud Tarot decks this November.

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