End Of The Kickstarter - The Word Cloud Tarot Show - 1 Dec 2022

It’s December, so the #Kickstarter is over, and Adam does a quick 3-minute reading to discover what the next steps will be.

Past - 3 Of Swords, Sorrow

3 - Swords - Sorrow

This is of course all the hard work, blood sweat and tears that went into the project. The anguish, difficulties and discomfort involved in making the deck. The pain and problems of support and promotion during the kickstarter,

the trials and torments and worry and woe in dealing with struggles and frustration.

Present - 9 Of Trumps, Hermit

9 - Trump - Hermit

And now we’ll be going into a hermit phase.

With the kickstarter over, we’ll be doing analysis and assessment, we’ll be contemplating where orders come from and discovering how to get the cards printed and distributed most efficiently.

We’ll be using all our patience and perseverance and to safeguard our responsibility to get these cards out as soon as possible.

We’ll be suspending doing new shows for a period of tranquillity and stillness while we do that.

Future - 13 Of Cups, Queen

13 - Cups - Queen

Then, when all that is done, and the new deck is available for purchase, we’ll be back in the new year for more analysis and compassionate and critical enlightened intellectual introspective shows filled with mystic searching and spiritual empathic contemplation.


It’s been a struggle and hard work, and there is still much learning and analysis and perseverance to do, but it’s been a great success and we’re looking forward to coming back in the new year for a new season of shows to teach you all how the tarot works and do some gags about current events.

Thanks again to the supporters that got us this far, we’ll get those decks printed and shipped just as soon as we can.

Meanwhile, sign up to the mail-list or follow and subscribe on on all the social media channels here and we’ll see you in the new year.

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