Should we leave Twitter?

Should we leave Twitter? - The Word Cloud Tarot Show - 17 Apr 2023

The #Wordcloud #Tarot Show returns, and the new @iamhappytoast deck is now generally available! You can buy it right now on the website.

Since our last #video just as #elonMusk took over #twitter, there have been many changes.

So to demonstrate the use of the cards, and make a business decision, we ask the Tarot the question: Should we leave Twitter?

We do a Five Card Cross reading, which has cards for:

Past - 8 Of Swords, Interference

8 - Swords - Interference

Since Musk took over it’s been like he’s irrational and sabotaging the place himself. His actions are unpredictable and counterproductive. The financial debt of the company is staggering. the twitter-jails have been emptied, the banned free to once again roam the website. The company obligations and commitments have been obstructed and the noise and hate and bigotry are off the chart.

External Influence - 14 Of Cups, King

14 - Cups - King

Meanwhile, outside Twitter, in the external world, Mastodon has competent moderators, councillors and teachers, an empathetic and esoteric crowd of informed intellectual meditative poets saying profound thoughtful things.

Hidden Influence - 7 Of Trumps, Chariot

7 - Trump - Chariot

But I do have hidden motivations, reasons to stay. I want go places like a chariot to success I have aspirations and desires, an enthusiasm, putting effort into chasing glory and respect and success.

I have a will and a zeal to go places!

Present - 7 Of Pentacles, Failure

7 - Pentacles - Failure

However, in the present moment, right now, that is a failure on Twitter anyway.

The financial income from Twitter is of course zero, it’s a failing investment of time too all for declining reward,

Twitter doesn’t even show most posts to your own followers. It is not a chariot to success, it is a bus to failure. It’s losing at the task.

Outcome - 4 Of Swords, Truce

4 - Swords - Truce

So what to do?

The cards suggest a ceasefire, an end to conflict, exit the contract and stop hostilities. Have an intermission and a lull, we should leave, make a pact to pause use. Have a period of recovery and rejuvenation,

We should go without twitter, at least for a time.


The history of Twitter since Musk took over is that he’s been interfering: ruining the place. Turning it into a nazi free-speech troll bar, welcoming back banned racists and bigots and terfs, even encouraging them, in order to monetize them.

Meanwhile externally, outside twitter, there is a nice generous and calm place filled with communicative and contemplative folks.

And while we do have ambition and desire, while we want to find the opportunities that Twitter could offer, That is failing and indeed doomed to failure. The interference is too strong. There can be no staying behind to fight on Musk’s Terf turf.

So the outcome can only be that we stop the fight, down weapons, ceasefire and walk out, go and find that external place where bigots and the troll are banned and nobody can own it to run interference.

With that then we abandon Twitter, this will be our last post there.

It was fun, but I can’t hang out in an unmoderated nazi bar.

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