Today is the #coronation of #charles3 so what will his reign be like? consults the #tarot deck to do a deep dive into the threads leading to this monarch’s reign, and how it will all turn out.

Best Hope - 12 Of Wands, Knight

12 - Wands - Knight

What do we want from a monarch? Someone who is wilful and forceful, but inspiring and ambitious who is well respected, strong, with an instinctive feel for power. A vital and vigorous knight, distracting us with thrilling unforgettable stunts.

History - 11 Of Swords, Page

11 - Swords - Page

But what we get in history is chatty, gregarious and loquacious rulers who are unconcerned with the common man, witty and affable perhaps, but also indifferent and disdainful. devout, assiduous and formal, but impatient and irritable.

External - 4 Of Pentacles, Power

4 - Pentacles - Power

The king is thought to be a source of power but really that is all external to him. A king is nothing without finance and the institutions of state that give him money and security and allow the conservation of funding and strength.

The kings face may be on the money, but it’s the money and the state external to him that gives him power.

Internal - 12 Of Trumps, Hangedman

12 - Trump - HangedMan

Internally the institution is interrupted power relinquished and ceded from one symbol to the next is a crisis for institution. It shows the detachment from reality and the refusal to relinquish or abdicate or sacrifice.

Waning - 3 Of Wands, Virtue

3 - Wands - Virtue

We lose the influence of the old virtuous queen: fairness and humility are on the way out. She had competence and prescience, she was one with the state and had the integrity and prudence to manage with acumen and confidence, she was credible and virtuous but that is all over now.

Waxing - 7 Of Cups, Debauch

7 - Cups - Debauch

Instead we have a bewildered king, a lazy fraud , deluded and debauched, depraved and incompetent. He has cronies all around him and will mismanage his reign with corruption, excess and gluttony.

Now - 1 Of Wands, Ace

1 - Wands - Ace

So right now as the crown is crowned, we have a culmination of recent groundwork. This is a moment of new beginning, when a new era begins. There are new ideas around and a renaissance could happen. There is potential for a new existence

Obstacles - 2 Of Pentacles, Change

2 - Pentacles - Change

There are progressive forces, new and radical and innovative, who offer a balancing opposition to the old guard and the elite. A endeavour from below to seek freedom and adaptability.

Can the king overcome the forces of progressivism and change?

Outcome - 2 Of Wands, Dominion

2 - Wands - Dominion

No, he will undermine the republicans, his strategy and circumstance make his position durable, In tumultuous times, the people seek stability and rigidity and subjection. in many minds he is the country itself. He has the budget and the supremacy to exert dominion

So he long will reign over us.


What you want from a head of state is an inspiring knightly distraction, respected and strong with an instinctive feel for power.

What we’ve been getting from monarchs is loquacious rulers indifferent to the concerns of the common man.

The rulers power comes not from themselves, but from the institutions external to them, the money and strength,

Internally this is a dangerous time for a monarch, when the old is dead and the new must be born.

The old monarch was virtuous, but the new is debauched.

This could be a moment of change, a culmination bringing about new ideas.

The king must overcome these forces for changes, the progressive opposition that wants freedom

And indeed he will do so, the people seek security and he is a symbol of security, his budget will ensure we all stay subjugated and his dominion is assured.

Long will live the king, and the monarchy, they have the power to keep the power, whether they deserve it or not.

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