Twitter Lockdown - The Word Cloud Tarot Show - 03 Jul 2023

This week, #Twitter has gone into #Lockdown, hiding it’s content from the #web and limiting even logged users to a few hundred posts a day.

What’s going on with that? does a five minute #tarot reading and finds that the king’s performance has been disappointing and a hidden hand will lead to his downfall.

Present - 14 Of Pentacles, King

14 - Pentacles - King

At the centre of it all is this ideological populist conservative billionaire who is an entrepreneurial corporate businessman.

You’d normally associate the King of Pentacles with dependable and effective knowledgeable work, painstaking strength and competence.

But, how has it worked out?

Past - 5 Of Cups, Disappoint

5 - Cups - Disappoint

Since Elon bought twitter it’s just been in a slump, the whole userbase feels hopeless and tired, there’s been a malaise and gloom over the whole sorry website. The despondency and stagnation are palpable, and the site’s been mired with apathy and deceit.

Why is that? You have this effective king, taking complete control, normally considered competent but it’s just been a disastrous disappointment.

Why did he even do it?

Hidden Influence - 13 Of Swords, Queen

13 - Swords - Queen

Behind the scenes has been this astute and ardent woman, she’s sensible and shrewd, smart and brilliant and _brave.

An unflappable vehement warrior, clever, but savage and clinical.

Clearly has to be Grimes, right?

Did she convince him to buy the site? Did he buy it so make her jealous, or is it the billionaire equivalent of a guy buying a sports-car when he loses his wife?

External Influence - 3 Of Pentacles, Work

3 - Pentacles - Work

The most obvious problem is that the site needs money. It has to work. It has to pay it’s staff. To be industrious. It takes resources and effort to keep the site up. Salaries must be paid.

The site needs to look professional to attract advertisers in this high-interest-rate environment with AI-training data being the only thing business angels are buying, locking up the site is the only move indebted corporations can make.

Reddit doing the same thing.

Outcome - 16 Of Trumps, Tower

16 - Trump - Tower

What is coming? Calamity. The king will be deposed, either by resignation or insolvency and repossession

He may be overthrown in a sudden move, or the repercussions of debt and resulting cataclysm will be his downfall.


Elon’s a rich conservative businessman who was tempted into buying Twitter either by his Ex or to spite his Ex, but the debt and corporate pressures forced him into screwing up, and locking down the site so that nobody can read it. A publisher, locking down a site so nobody can read it.

The only possible result is the downfall either of twitter itself or at least of it’s big rich idiot leader.

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