Refugee Barges - The Word Cloud Tarot Show - 07 Aug 2023

This week the #uk government started moving #refugee applicants from hotels onto a #barge floating in the sea. does a five minute tarot reading and finds that the refugees are grateful to have escaped, and have much potential to offer society. But mean-spirited sullen idiots are jealous, so punish them with a purgatory of bureaucracy and confinement instead of accepting their valuable contributions.

Luckily, the cards say this time must pass, that the more humane majority of society will eventually end this madness.

Past - 4 Of Cups, Luxury

4 - Cups - Luxury

The word hotel is on this card, so it must be talking about the comparative luxury of the hotels But note that these villa are full of weariness and morose tedium.

There is aimlessness and hopelessness because of the passivity and boredom of living in this sad purgatory, awaiting processing maybe for years.

A life banned from work or activity may look luxurious, but it is tedious and filled with ennui

Hidden Influence - 10 Of Cups, Satiety

10 - Cups - Satiety

All they really desire is contentment. They are thankful for the nation’s kindness, they want to working for earnings. to achieve prosperity, stability, to contribute to society for rewards, like anyone else.

External Influence - 11 Of Cups, Page

11 - Cups - Page

This card shows how much they have to contribute, They are ingenious and enthusiastic, youthful and insightful and articulate.

They are the ones that managed to escape, travel across the globe. They have the potential to contribute their creativity and cleverness towards our country’s needs.

Present - 12 Of Wands, Knight

12 - Wands - Knight

But there’s a small segment of the population who have political power right now, Naive and inconsiderate and sullen. They’re insatiable and irritable. They are jealous and impulsive, infatuated with the simple but reckless miss-understanding.

Their envy makes them mistake purgatory for luxury.

Outcome - 12 Of Pentacles, Knight

12 - Pentacles - knight

This time will pass though, there will one day be a pious and altruistic successful teacher, who is resourceful and accepting. Magnanimous, determined and able, who can bring about a change in consciousness, to a more benevolent and generous society.


The refugees have much to give: They are grateful to have escaped, and offer loyalty in return for happiness

They have great potential, youth, hard work, resourcefulness.

But they are stuck in monotonous purgatory, unable to work or contribute or do much other than sit about waiting to be processed.

Because petty mean-spirited jealousy drives a section of the population who have the balance of power right now, and so the refugees are mistreated in inconsiderate and obsessive ways.

They think that the refugees are in luxury, rather than in purgatory, and so are determined to make their life harder, punishing them instead of accepting their contributions.

But, this time will pass.
There will eventually be a rise of the magnanimous and altruistic part of our society,

It might be a while yet though, this does not sound like Starmer eh?

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