Why do UK railways cost 10x more? - The Word Cloud Tarot Show - 25 Sep 2023

This week the UK government is once again talking about cancelling railway lines because it costs too much money.

The UK spends ten times more per mile to build railways than all the other countries.

Why is that?

@pre@boing.world does a tarot reading to ask, “Why do UK railways cost ten times more than anyone else?”

He finds that collusion and foolish government ideology lead to a confluence of opportunity in which rapacious capitalist villains can scam and skim profit from subcontracting ten layers deep.

More ranting details in the five minute show:

Past - 10 Of Trumps, Fortune

10 - Trump - Fortune

Certainly it’s cost a fortune, and has tragically bankrupted an oblivious government, leaving an abyss in public finances and yet a fortune and riches for the lucky bosses who sub-contract jobs to each other.

Ah, the cycle of business.

That’s how it’s been.

Hidden Influence - 6 Of Trumps, Lovers

6 - Trump - Lovers

The lovers card is about connectedness, in this case the mutual cooperation, even collaboration, in the bargaining and negotiation of public private partnerships.

There’s a collusion between business and government, a revolving door, they are lovers and they are one and the same, making the same choices.

External Influence - 0 Of Trumps, Fool

0 - Trump - The-Fool

Then of course there’s the fact that everyone in the governments is an idiot.

They have confidence and conviction, sure, an unconstrained purity in their ideology. But they are fools like little babies and they are wrong and they don’t understand anything.

They are either colluding, or being taken for fools.

Present - 17 Of Trumps, Star

17 - Trump - Star

So that brings us to the present: a confluence of the stars, This natural opportunity for prosperity, and the elegant confidence game that the companies run against their gullible public and colluding government.

They assist each other, chasing the glamour and serenity in a kind of unconscious conspiracy.

Outcome - 14 Of Wands, King

14 - Wands - King

A cynical villain and his joker company, colluding with the sovereign leaders in a ravenous devouring of public money, a rapacious opportunistic masochistic scam against the public caused by a liberal free-market ideology that leads to nothing but hardship.

They’re supposed to be adversaries and instead it’s just kickbacks and the charismatic rich profit-skimming from subcontractors ten layers deep.


In summary then, fortunes have been made by morally bankrupt people that have been running the railways.

The loving relationship between government and business and the idiot members of parliament have led to this bright star of collusion between those idiots and the private enterprise.

The reason then, the final answer, is the cynical rapacious companies are colluding with the sovereign government, they are so close there is barely a line separating them.

Corruption and opportunism is why it costs ten times more, because there are ten levels deep of private enterprise skimming off tax-payers money.

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