Middle East Terrorism - The Word Cloud Tarot Show - 09 Oct 2023

This week Hamas terrorists escaped Gaza to murder hundreds of Israeli citizens.

@pre@boing.world does a five minute tarot reading to examine the issue and finds that force and violent oppression can lead to temporary victory, but bigoted tribal nationalist and racist religious wars are based upon falsehoods. They can only lead to cycles of revenge-violence, cruelty, horror and oppression for all the people everywhere.

Sadly there is no sign of the world raising it’s levels of consciousness just yet, so the cruelty and revenge will continue until science and understanding can bring about change.

Past - 7 Of Trumps, Chariot

7 - Trump - Chariot

Before I was born, in the 60s, Israel was threatened and seized The Golan Heights, The West Bank, The Sinai Peninsula and The Gaza Strip.

There was an opportunity , an aspiration, and with urgent impetus their military pursued their enemy and forced their own power and will upon those places.

With great zeal and momentum, against expectation, they just achieved control They triumphed

Present - 6 Of Wands, Victory

6 - Wands - Victory

They have victory, they won, they are the rulers, they have the influence, they set the priorities, their will be done.

Though that may be overshadowed, as they are also gaining notoriety because of the cruelty of their rule and the fact their ongoing and continuing occupation is a recognised war-crime.

Because of the glass-table we know what the next card is, and so where this kind of “victory” leads.

External Influence - 2 Of Pentacles, Change

2 - Pentacles - Change

All things are temporary, even victory. Change is of course inevitable.

Oppressive power does not stop conflict.

The problem is that of revolution, there is still flux, still a conflict, the people are polarized and power is unbalanced.

There are oppressed people who need freedom, they have resilience and they will have a radical responses as they endeavour to build

There is always violent opposition to the use of force.

And this change is just cyclic, just eye for eye a bomb for a bomb, a death for a death.

We have the glass table, we know where this leads.

Can anything stop it?

Hidden Influence - 6 Of Swords, Science

6 - Swords - Science

Well, there is this one. The six of Swords: Science.

The use of evidence and reasoning and transparency of investigation, finding rational answers.

You see all the long tendrils of violence spanning back though the 60 and the 40s and all the centuries, is based on lies.

There are no chosen people, there is no manifest destiny, all religions are false, no race is better than any other, racism has been investigated and it is a lie, it is wrong, there aren’t even actually any countries, people made them up!

The bigotry and hatred that fuels this violence is just WRONG, factually incorrect, revenge-missiles and revenge-sieges and ending violence with violence have been tried. They do not work.

That is just Science.

If we learn to think with clarity and wisdom, we can transition into a higher level of consciousness, a transformation of understanding, We’d have public have calls for peace and calm instead of more and more wars.

So what are the chances? Has there been process?

What does that “Future” card say?

Outcome - 9 Of Swords, Cruelty

9 - Swords - Cruelty

Well, yeah. Glass table. We already know.

There will be revenge attacks pain and desperation, heartache, sorrow

It will be a gloomy nightmare with cycles of cruel savage slaughter, the assaulting and tormenting of victims.

Gaza will be an open-air prison with grief, agony, fear, misery and inhuman mistreatment of people that brutalizes them until they in turn get violent about their injustice.

The barbarians on every side will continue in their treachery and deception, using terror against each other until we as a species realize that that can’t work.


All of my whole life Israel has been occupying Gaza, they had the power and the will so they took it Just Drove in with their chariot.

They have victory, they have won, and yet they still oppressed their subjugated people. Blockaded them. Occupied them. Murdered them.

Change always comes, an action will have a reaction, brutalized people will react brutally.

And the thing is, everything they’re fighting over, the religion and racism and bigotry and revenge is not true.

No religions are true. Racism is not true. Bigotry is not true. Countries are not god-given. Tribes are all made of people.

And most people know that by now.

Science and logic and rationality are here in the background, influencing things slowly.

But… Too slowly.

There will be more cruelty, more violence, more brutalizing people and lots of pain and death before people realize that can’t work.

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