Braverman Banning Tents - The Word Cloud Tarot Show - 06 Nov 2023

This week Suella #Braverman the #UK home secretary has seen all the people forced to live out on the streets in #tents, so she has decided to fix the problem by banning their tents. does a five minute #tarot reading on that and finds the country was once actually very prosperous and generous, until a bunch of drunken rapacious crooks took charge and turned everything to death.

Take heart, that at least may soon change!

Past - 3 Of Cups, Abundance

3 - Cups - Abundance

The country used to be rich.

We had opportunity and so growth

The county’s inventiveness and organization skills led to success and so abundance and gratitude, a giving mindset of hope!

This leads to education and development and generosity, to improving community, to better society, more friendship and outreach.

The country had laughter and love and camaraderie

A real social contract.

Hidden Influence - 12 Of Pentacles, Knight

12 - Pentacles - knight

And the people of the country! They were fortuitous and knew it, so they were also generous .

A determined and enterprising people, who knew that those who had advantage should be magnanimous, equanimous benevolent and patient .

The people are learned contemplative and educated , knightly even.

dutiful and meticulous , caring.

The people would not take away a homeless man’s tent!

So what happened?

External Influence - 14 Of Wands, King

14 - Wands - King

Ah of course. The leaders.

rich drunken rapacious devourers, a ravenous opportunistic sovereign government.

Look at the swagger of these self assured neo-liberal charismatic villains.

unfortunately we empowered cynical pessimist adversaries.

They think to keep us motivated, so they can rob us more, they need us in hardship .

To keep us industrious
they try to make us scared and fight each other.

Present - 13 Of Trumps, Death

13 - Trump - Death

And this is what’s left when they have drained the country of it’s abundance and life: Death.

To hold on to their gains they need to keep us loaded with problems and thinking about mortality and death and endings, on the edge of breaking point always one step away from the tomb.

They need to ostracise and monster some minority of us, to keep us turning on each other like rats in a cage.

The tents are just symbolic for Braverman, she will not have to sleep in one, or evict someone from one,

they are just a way to keep us angry fighting and injured and on the edge of death.

But this card means more. Endings are also beginnings.

We can awaken, become enlightened, bring change and transformation in society.

This can be the death of their ghoulish manipulations, their last final desperate attempt to make us fight each other.

Outcome - 2 Of Pentacles, Change

2 - Pentacles - Change

Change can come!

This desperate bunch of drunken crooks can be kicked out, and we can have a totally different set of more mild mannered crooks.

I mean sure, the next lot still always go on about money and balancing prioritisations and investment partnerships with start-up entrepreneurs.

But they might at least not be so viciously terribly theatrically performativity cruel.

Maybe the opposition will actually do some new buildings instead of just blaming defenceless immigrants or homeless people while they drunkenly loot the palace?

Will that make any difference ? It might at least reduce the radicalisation and polarization that the current lot deliberately provoke.

But you know, it’s all just cycles


The country had plenty of wealth, and a good natured and generous people, until these drunken crooks came to rob the place, distracting us by making us fight each other while they turn the country to death.

But change is coming.

At least in tone.

Labour won’t solve homelessness but they probably at least won’t blame the homeless.

That’s what the cards tell me.

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