Cabinet Reshuffle - The Word Cloud Tarot Show - 13 Nov 2023

This week the #uk government had a staffing #reshuffle. does a 5 minute #tarot reading to find out why and we see that the government’s uneasy truce was broken when a hateful bondage queen tried to provoke the indolent hard right into a riot at a peace march on remembrance day.

This is too much for even the Tories, so there will have to be a change of tone, to something more temperate, but nothing too radical.

With a callback to a season one Brexit character.

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Past - 10 Of Cups, Satiety

10 - Cups - Satiety

This card means satisfaction but every card also means it’s opposite.

Here there is also a sadness and instability, security and surveillance threats there can be rigidity of policy and a misalignment of harmonies

Perhaps until this week the Prime Minister was satisfied with his team?

They had safety and strength and stability even if that’s gained through enforcement.

So until now, there was a balance and a satiety, but it may have been uncomfortable.

Hidden Influence - 13 Of Wands, Queen

13 - Wands - Queen

This one describes a ruler a confident, exuberant , lively spirited independent feminist, perhaps too forthright and unbridled

but also a flamboyant dominatrix with a bondage fetish that likes hurting people.

The hidden element is a femme fatale that was the cause of the break in satiety.

External Influence - 8 Of Cups, Indolence

8 - Cups - Indolence

And here’s her method: Alienation The fascist right counter-protestors. They are filled with dismay and sorrow feeling hostility because of their ignorance and the indifferent cynicism of government to their plight.

They feel the consequence of Tory policy, and it is despair malaise and sadness

They have pathetic hate-filled lives of hopeless discouragement until a minister for bondage whips them up into an indolent hate-frenzy over a peace march.

Makes them feel listened to and gives them someone to blame. She tells them it’s their fault, those people caused the disheartened dejection you are feeling, not our policy of austerity and privatising everything.

Just co-incidentally, she points at her political enemies. It’s their fault: The peace-makers.

So we have a bewildered irritable indolent hate mob as the external influence.

Present - 2 Of Pentacles, Change

2 - Pentacles - Change

Well, attempting to provoke a hard-right riot at a peace-march on remembrance day turns out to be too much for Rishi, so it’s all change.

A shift in partnerships, an adjustment in prioritisation and a revolution of staffing.

The government is going to be like a butterfly, emerging from a chrysalis , re-born anew yet-again like they do every year. It’s a re-shuffle!

And talk about progressive innovation !

One of the new ministers isn’t even an MP!

They had to make him a lord in an emergency-ennoblement.

Outcome - 14 Of Trumps, Temperance

14 - Trump - Temperance

I mean, not too progressive and different obviously. Just more temperate. The emergency-ennoblement went to ex-prime-minister David Cameron. Which is more like a hate-butterfly climbing back into the chrysalis and re-emerging as a caterpillar but temperance , as I say. They will still have the war on the woke, just now tempered down to the minister for common sense to wage instead of the actual home-office. Hopefully nobody will feel the need to try and drum up a riot for common sense. There will be some civility and balance , some restraint , maybe a truce. They will at least rename the conflict for a while, show some humility .


A kind of uneasy-truce left the government satisfied, until the bondage queen grew too hateful and tried to provoke the indolent hard right into a riot at a peace march on remembrance day.

Too much even for the Tories, this leads to change and a new temperance in the party which will now emphasise more silly things like common sense against woke instead of trying to provoke the country into a race riot.

At least until after the election, surely? Can they hold it together that long? And if they don’t feed off of hate, what have they got? Old pig-face back from having his trotters up? A minister for common sense? I mean come on. We used to be a real country.

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