What to gift for xmas - The Word Cloud Tarot Show - 12 Dec 2023

It’s nearly #christmas so @pre@boing.world does a #tarot reading to figure out what to #gift everyone for #xmas


Earth/Mother - 14 Of Trumps, Temperence

14 - Trump - Temperance

The Earth card may be Mother Earth, so your mum, or someone else caring and nurturing and wise.

Temperance is about balance and humility and love, so get her something good.

Maybe some natural beauty products, or harmony and synthesis suggest maybe some music? teamwork and discipline may suggest a board-game that you could play together as a family, or alchemy and tranquillity? Perhaps some Valium for sanity and fortitude .

Water/Sibling - 12 Of Cups, Knight

12 - Cups - Knight

The Water card may be a sibling, or perhaps someone else who is cooperative, reflective and authentic.

Perhaps they are tourist or wanderer and you could buy them a holiday. Or something to take on holiday like a beach-towel.

Take them to a gig to see a bard Or some gorgeous, inspired and beautiful art-works to help them as an artist .

You could buy them something whimsical like a joke from a toy-shop Or just some magnificent and splendid clothes.

Air/Father - 10 Of Trumps, Fortune

10 - Trump - Fortune

The Air card could be a father figure, or someone progressive, independent and curious.

Gambling and fortune are here, perhaps a card-game? Or take them on a visit to a casino.

We have revolution, periods, wheels and cycles Perhaps he would like a new bicycle or one of those electric scooters they have nowadays.

Did you know you can just go to a market and buy an award ? A trophy for “Best Father” perhaps?

The card also represent riches so you can always just put some money in a card.

Fire/Lover - 3 Of Cups, Abundance

3 - Cups - Abundance

The Fire card could be your lover, or someone passionate and enthusiastic and creative.

Abundance means you should get a plethora of things. A profusion of gifts is a good way to hedge against a bad one.

A romantic holiday away, and a innovative ingenious gadget and a artistic gift like a painting or sculpture and a festival ticket so they have something to look forward to in the summer?

Really the best thing you can give is the love, affection and adoration that can support them through meeting your family.

Or maybe just an apple. It’s the thought that counts.

Spirit/Self - 8 Of Swords, Interference

8 - Swords - Interference

And of course you can get yourself a little something, or it could be for someone outside the family.

Christmas can be good, or for some it can be an obligation that feels like a prison, or you may be lonely and the solitude can lead to alienation that feels like a punishment.

Even if you’re happy and together, there is sure be be some obstacles and failure that sabotages the holiday.

So remember not to sabotage yourself, satisfy your own needs, and reward with something you like.

Maybe a Word Cloud Tarot deck?


Whether you’re buying your mum some Valium or your sibling a holiday, or your father a lottery ticket, or your lover just about everything, try not to sabotage your own holidays, and remember to take care of yourself.

Or just buy everyone a Wordcloud Tarot deck.

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