Banning kid’s phones? - The Word Cloud Tarot Show - 05 Feb 2024

This week after some children lured another child offline into meat-space so they could kill her, the world has been asking if we should ban #kids from mobile #phones. does a five minute #tarot reading to ask if the intervention would be good or useful.

We find that kids have always been debauched glutons and that now they are also miserable because their future looks terrible, it may feel intuitive to blame the phones and take them away but it’s a gamble if that even help, and even if it would it can’t work legally or technologically because the kids understand their phone better than their parents do anyway, they are like little magicians with technology.

Past - 7 Of Cups, Debauch

7 - Cups - Debauch

Through all of history, the children have been debauched hedonistic gluttons on drugs.

They are depraved and bewildered, lazy and deluded, filled with misunderstanding, ignorance and confusion .

Kids eh? It was ever thus.

Present - 8 Of Cups, Indolence

8 - Cups - Indolence

But these days, they’re not only debauched but also indolent. They are dispirited and dejected, disheartened and sorrowful.

They are filled with cynicism and morose haunting sadness. pensive and apathetic.


Future - 11 Of Wands, Page

11 - Wands - Page

Well, look at their future.

We have broken nature, with frivolous nihilist carelessness. We’ve been hotheaded and rash, burning all the oil in a debauched and dangerous fervour, against scientific advice.

Their future looks like the Page of Wands, despairing and dreadful

Intervention - 2 Of Trumps, Priestess

2 - Trump - Priestess

The intervention suggested is the intuitive one, they learn of their difficult future through the phone so let’s take the phone away!

It’s just scrying divination is the trouble, the spiritual way to handle a problem which treats truth as a arcane occult thing, a mystery.

It’s a knee-jerk emotional response.

But say we did it anyway, what then?

Influence - 1 Of Swords, Ace

1 - Swords - Ace

Influences at action:

  • The judiciary. Kids aren’t criminals and this is a democracy with some kind of civil justice rule of law. Does the state even have the right to tell a parent what they must do with their child’s phone? The teens would feel it as injustice for sure.
  • There’s also the tech industry, and the reality of advancements. Would a single country do well to take it’s kids phones while the rest of the world taught them how to use them at an early age?
  • Not to mention the child’s own will, their technological sharpness and inspired creativity. Black market phones are as cheap as drugs.

Obstacles - 10 Of Trumps, Fortune

10 - Trump - Fortune

The card of fortune here tells us that it would be a gamble over whether it would even has the desired effects.

Some kids are bullied online, but others find solace there. There is a wheel of affect here, death and doom for some but victory and riches and opportunity for others.

Would it even be good? On average? That’s a toss-up at best, do you feel lucky?

Outcome - 1 Of Trumps, Magician

1 - Trump - Magician

The final outcome of course would be that the kids are magicians with technology .

They have perseverance and energy , the resourcefulness and ingenuity, originality creativity proficiency and adaptability, and are skilled with telecommunications systems

How are you gonna ban the kids from the phones when the parents can’t get past the install-screen without the kid’s help?


The kids have always been headonistic glutons on drugs and now they’re also indolent and disheartened too but that’s because their very future is insurmountable and dreadful not because they have a communications tool.

So sure, we can try the intervention that feels intuitive, but it’s against humanity and creativity and the influence of law and tech industry, it’s a toss up if it would even work, and anyway the kids are magicians with tech, They are better at computers than their parents

Shielding them from it can’t teach them to use it.

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