Happy Toast Deck

The kickstarter ran during November 2022.

Rewards are being produced and will be on the way to supporters soon.

Word cloud tarot and Happytoast are making a tarot deck that allows beginners to start reading the tarot with no training, no practice, no prior knowledge, and without memorizing the meanings of all the cards.

With this deck, to read the tarot, you just have to read the words that are written on the cards.

What is the Tarot?

Hi. I’m Adam. I believe that tarot cards represent a set of mental archetypes, filtered through many generations of memetic selection in human minds. They have evolved to reflect real patterns, in the world and also in the way people think and understand and the nature of narrative.

But my memory is addled from too much internet, modern life, and society’s general shortening of attention span. So I always found it difficult to remember the actual detail of which archetype any given card represents.

Here’s me, years ago, looking at the spread, looking at books, looking up the meaning of the cards in Alta Vista.

It surprised me that you can’t simply buy a deck with the meanings written on the cards.

So I teamed up with Happy Toast we we made just that. 

Art and Science

Blending literacy and imagery, these beautiful cards each represent a recognisable archetype. A pattern in the reality of human thought. The image, and words in the cloud, combine to bring that archetype to mind. When dealt into a spread they weave naturally into a satisfying narrative.

Even a novice or new-comer with no previous experience reading the tarot can immediately begin to analyse spreads, and perform readings to explore the nature of the tarot with barely any guidance or training.

Happy Toast

Happy Toast has been scribbling on the internet basically all century long. His classic funny images and animations have been ripped off and forwarded without attribution all over the world for almost as long as the web has existed. Adam hopes that the new deck produced by the partnership between Happy Toast and Word Cloud Tarot will give people a chance to give back to the artist who has given the internet so much!

The images he has made for this deck are a cute and fun take on the Rider-Waite deck, reimagined in his inimitable cartoon style, leaving enough space to add the word-cloud reminders of the card’s meaning and associated archetypes.


To fully appreciate the value of this deck we suggest you try and find someone new to the tarot and guide them as they use it for the first time. After seeing how quickly a new tarot learner can get up and running with this deck we think you’ll agree that this is a great method to teach and learn about the Tarot’s symbols and occult knowledge.

Crowd Funding

The deck will be generally available next year, but here is your chance to support the project through this crowdfunding during November 2022.

There are decks available for pre-order, limited edition sets for more generous supporters, posters and custom offers and much much more, with more product photos and images of the full deck on the website.

Some may argue with the selection of words chosen, some may object to cartoon nudity, but we think everyone will agree this is an interesting and beautiful deck that could help spread knowledge of the occult and the tarot. 

Kick Starter Rewards

Digital Download - £2.00

Since our decks are unlikely to be ready for Christmas, why not get a digital download of a Word Cloud Tarot Happy Toast Christmas Card that you can print off yourself.

Inside we’ll explain that real gift is that your loved one is on the wait list for the first packs printed in the new year.

Note: You’ll have to buy the actual pre-order gift too!

Poster- £12.00

A large glossy print-out of whichever card you want!

Let us know which as you pledge support, you can see all the cards at wordcloudtarot.com

Sticker Sheets- £15.00

Five sheets of stickers, every card represented once with extra stickers for the back and box.

100 stickers in all!

Standard Deck- £20.00

A standard copy of the Wordcloud Tarot Happy Toast Deck.

You will receive one of the first packs of this deck ever printed, in a standard cardboard flip box.

Tin-Box Deck- £30.00

A standard copy of the Wordcloud Tarot Happy Toast Deck, in a sturdy tin box.

You will receive one of the first packs of this deck ever printed, and you’ll also get a stash-tin to keep them in!

Bronze Supporters Deck- £50.00

Limited Edition Kick-starter deck in a luxury gloss hard card box.

Clearly marked as limited edition you’ll be able to brag to your friends that you were a Bronze Supporter, in on the ground floor.

Silver Supporters Deck- £75.00

Limited Edition Kick-starter deck in a large inset luxury gloss hard card box, marked as “Silver Supporter”.

This box is well massive. The biggest.

We are so pleased for your support that we printed a thank-you in the inset! Cheers. You’re great.

Gold Supporters Deck- £100.00

Limited Edition Kick-starter deck in a fold-out magnetic luxury gloss hard box, marked as “Gold Supporter”.

With extra artwork inside the fold.

This really is cool. Our favorite limited-edition packaging, of course. The fold-out spread is wider and taller than any of the cards and reminds you every time you open it that you are a gold supporter.

The coolest supporter of them all.

Photo Book- £80.00

A photo-book print of all the cards in the deck, featuring an AI-assisted description of each card on the opposite page and an introduction by Adam on how the tarot works.

Deck with custom drawing by Happy Toast- £500.00

Happy Toast will draw you, or more or less anything else you like, into one of our cards.

We’ll send you a gold-supporters deck with your drawing to replace that card, and also a poster of that drawing too.

Custom Video Reading- £500.00

Adam will record a video doing a custom reading answering your question, similar to the five minutes readings show at wordcloudtarot.com but with the new deck and answering your custom question. CC zero licensed to you, to keep or remix or profit from in any way you see fit.

Delivered digitally.

Retailer Reseller Pack- £500.00

A dozen standard cardboard-box decks plus a dozen standard tin-box decks. And we’ll throw in a poster.

Be the first to sell them in your shop!

Retailer Chain Reseller Pack- £5000.00

Ten dozen standard packs in cardboard boxes and ten dozen packs in tin boxes.

Plus ten posters!

Be the first to put Wordcloud Tarot into your nationwide chain of stores.


1 - Cups - Ace 2 - Cups - Love 3 - Cups - Abundance 4 - Cups - Luxury 5 - Cups - Disappoint 6 - Cups - Pleasure 7 - Cups - Debauch 8 - Cups - Indolence 9 - Cups - Happiness 10 - Cups - Satiety 11 - Cups - Page 12 - Cups - Knight 13 - Cups - Queen 14 - Cups - King


1 - Pentacles - Ace 2 - Pentacles - Change 3 - Pentacles - Work 4 - Pentacles - Power 5 - Pentacles - Worry 6 - Pentacles - Success 7 - Pentacles - Failure 8 - Pentacles - Prudence 9 - Pentacles - Gain 10 - Pentacles - Wealth 11 - Pentacles - Page 12 - Pentacles - knight 13 - Pentacles - Queen 14 - Pentacles - King


1 - Swords - Ace 2 - Swords - Peace 3 - Swords - Sorrow 4 - Swords - Truce 5 - Swords - Defeat 6 - Swords - Science 7 - Swords - Futility 8 - Swords - Interference 9 - Swords - Cruelty 10 - Swords - Ruin 11 - Swords - Page 12 - Swords - Knight 13 - Swords - Queen 14 - Swords - King


1 - Wands - Ace 2 - Wands - Dominion 3 - Wands - Virtue 4 - Wands - Completion 5 - Wands - Strife 6 - Wands - Victory 7 - Wands - Valour 8 - Wands - Swiftness 9 - Wands - Manifest 10 - Wands - Oppression 11 - Wands - Page 12 - Wands - Knight 13 - Wands - Queen 14 - Wands - King

Major Arcana

0 - Trump - The-Fool 1 - Trump - Magician 2 - Trump - Priestess 3 - Trump - Empress 4 - Trump - Emperor 5 - Trump - Hierophant 6 - Trump - Lovers 7 - Trump - Chariot 8 - Trump - Strentgh 9 - Trump - Hermit 10 - Trump - Fortune 11 - Trump - Justice 12 - Trump - HangedMan 13 - Trump - Death 14 - Trump - Temperance 15 - Trump - Devil 16 - Trump - Tower 17 - Trump - Star 18 - Trump - Moon 19 - Trump - Sun 20 - Trump - Aeon 21 - Trump - Universe


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